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Haagerup bioarchaeology field school

For the second year ADBOU hosts a bioarchaeology field school at the Haagerup cemetery on the island of Fyn. The abandoned cemetery is excavated in collaboration with Øhavsmuseet, Faaborg. 

During five weeks, students will be introduced to osteological recording methods including sex and age estimation, as well as the recognition of pathological conditions such as trauma, joint degeneration, tuberculosis, and leprosy. Students will learn excavation techniques, including GPS recording, through hands-on work in the field.  Students will also be introduced to the challenges and potential of excavation, learn how to clean skeletal material, and be encouraged to think and work critically and independently.  The course is evaluated by performance in the field and lab, and by writing a report based on the osteological analysis of skeletons excavated in the field.

NOTE: This is an active field project and students will be expected to engage in a high level of outdoor physical activity in a range of weather conditions.

5-week course, May 20th - June 21st 2019

Week 1: Lectures where students are introduced to the research objectives, data collection methods in the field, and the human skeleton.

Week 2, 3, 4: In the field, getting down and dirty, learning to excavate and register graves and skeletons.

Week 5: Cleaning and analyzing the remains in the lab, and writing a small report on the finds this year.

Fees: 23000 DKK (approx. 3600 USD) that covers classes, excavation, lab-time, on-site transportation, and field trips. Insurance - travel, health and casuality - is not included in the fee. 

Field trips: Three field trips to museums and other excavations around Denmark to acquire an understanding of Denmark and the time period when the excavated individuals lived. 

Accommodation: Is not a part of the field school, but we will gladly assist in finding a room. Example: Food and board at Dalum Agricultural College 7200 DKK (approx. 1000 USD).

Team Haagerup: Prof. George Milner, Prof. Jesper Boldsen, Prof. Rob Hoppa, archaeologist Dr. Poul B. Heide, anthropologist Dr. Dorthe D. Pedersen, and anthropologist PhD student Vicki Kristensen.

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