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Haagerup cemetery

Haagerup cemetery was abandoned after the Protestant Reformation in Denmark and was in use in the time period approx. AD 1100 - 1555. The cemetery served a rural parish located in the Southern part of Funen, one of the main islands of Denmark.

The abandoned cemetery is placed on farm land and has not been destroyed by modern construction work. Therefore it may  be possible to have the area totally excavated with the potential of having close to 3,000 skeletons lifted and further analyzed. 

At the moment the excavation is run as an annual field school, but the plan is to have it totally excavated as an intensive professional excavation running over a couple of years. If the financial resources for such can be found we here have the possibility to get valuable insights into a medieval rural population. With the aid from other archaeological sources from this geographic area the paleodemographic and paleoepidemiological studies of the skeletons can contribute to understanding of utilization of resources and landscape within this part of Southern Funen throughout the medieval period.