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Haagerup cemetery

A collaboration between ADBOU; Penn State University, University of Toronto and Øhavsmuseet in Faaborg is planning to excavate the rural cemetery Haagerup located on southern Funen. The cemetery most likely spans most of the medieval period from the 12th through to the 16th centuries AD.

The excavation will take place in stages during the summers for the next 5-8 years. The excavations will start in May 2017 where a field school with students from abroad will be working at the site. This will be a research-driven project, that provides researchers (and students) with the unprecedented opportunity to collect valuable information from an untouched medieval cemetery. The collanoration between ADBOU and Øhavsmuseet in Fåborg will allow a contextual, landscape approach to be incorporated into the bioarchaeological investigation of the cemetery.